Collector of Wilson Bohannan Locks



I am setting out to discover and preserve the history of every Wilson Bohannan catalog model padlock of the lever and warded varieties. To date I have counted 206 unique lever padlock models, and only 5 unique warded padlock models. These totals include all substantial variations called out in catalogs and/or observed in known locks.

Here is my Wanted List


I am interested in all years of Wilson Bohannan catalogs.

Wilson Bohannan Artifacts

If you have any other item related to the Wilson Bohannan Company, please let me know. For example my collection includes original newspaper ads, point of sale display boards, and items used in the factory.

Early Endeavors

Wilson Bohannan embarked on some joint efforts with other lock manufacturers in the early years of his company (starting in 1860). I am interested in items showing association with F.G. Johnson's Rotary Lock Company (W.B.&F.G.J's) and Gibson (Gibson & Bohannan).

Please let me know if there were any other joint efforts made with Wilson Bohannan.