Collector of Wilson Bohannan Locks

Padlock Collection

Although this website is built around my own collection, I am using it to share information, links, and leads to items for sale that you might want for your collection.

I have been collecting padlocks only since April of 2010. But during this time I have gotten quite involved in several lock collecting organizations, made some spectacular friends, and even have quite a head of steam toward collecting each variation of lever and warded lock ever made by the Wilson Bohannan Company since 1860!

Selecting a niche - If you are new to padlock collecting you might appreciate the best advice I received; select a niche to direct your collecting. There are thousands and thousands of different types of padlocks you could collect. Doing a simple search for "padlock" on eBay will give you thousands of results. Selecting a niche serves to make your lock collecting hobby both more affordable, and rewarding.

Why WB lever and warded locks? - While there are several contributing factors to my zeroing in on this niche, one factor stands out to me above the others...
I like how they feel in my hand.